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Does Your Attic Insulation Contain Asbestos?

Attic insulation is a great way to keeping your energy costs under control. But, you should not rule out the possibility of asbestos lurking in your attic insulation.  

Asbestos can found in different types of insulation materials, such as vermiculite. Prolonged exposure to this type of insulation can contribute to a wide range of health complications, including lung disorders and cancer. Therefore, it’s strongly advisable that you take necessary precautions to protect your family from asbestos exposure.

Here is how to determine if vermiculite asbestos poses a risk to you and your family:

Vermiculite asbestos: Explained  

Attic Insulation Contain AsbestosVermiculite is a brown or grayish naturally occurring mineral that expands when heated. The fact that it doesn’t burn makes it suitable for insulation use. Different types of vermiculite insulation have varying sizes, from extremely fine to large particles.

While vermiculite itself is not dangerous, some vermiculite insulation can contain asbestos fibers. Asbestos-comprising vermiculite is commonly found in older properties, particularly those constructed prior to asbestos ban in the ‘90s.

It’s a well established fact that the inhalation of asbestos fibers is a major health concern and can lead to severe health problems, including asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

How to identify vermiculite asbestos at your home
Asbestos comprises a number of naturally occurring fibers. If your vermiculite insulation appears brownish, silver, there is a chance that it contains asbestos. In addition, if your home was built before the ‘90s, it may have a good chance of having asbestos.

However, it’s impossible to detect asbestos with the naked eye. Your best bet is to call up a professional asbestos testing company to check if your insulation is contaminated with the hazardous material.

What to do if you suspect you have asbestos-containing insulation at home  

No matter what, do not disturb the vermiculite insulation. Leave it as it is. Do not leave anything or let anyone near it, especially children.

Disturbing vermiculite insulation could potentially release asbestos fibers everywhere. Remember, DIY insulation removal is a dangerous, impossible job.

Hire licensed asbestos removal companies to get rid of the attic insulation, without contaminating the rest of your home.

If you are located in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Bucks County and State of Delaware, we would love to assist you. Our certified, licensed asbestos abatement, remediation and removal experts use advanced, effective tools and techniques to ensure your attic stays asbestos-free!