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How to Identify and Remove Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos floor tiles are a common feature of buildings that are a few decades old. Asbestos is extremely harmful for human beings and can cause various diseases related to the lungs and pulmonary system. It is necessary to identify them and remove them in a safe way before they can cause harm.

Identifying asbestos tiles

If you are unsure whether your floor tiles contain asbestos, presume that they do. Here is a list of simple ways to tell if they contain asbestos:

  1. Check when the tiles were installed. Asbestos floor tiles were made till the mid-1980s. If you find that the flooring was done before the 80s, there is a high change of asbestos being present.
  2. Asbestos usually comes in three sizes:  18” x 18”, 12” x 12”, and 9” x 9”. If the size of your floor tiles matches these dimensions, they probably have asbestos in them.
  3. Most asbestos tiles contain asphalt. Sometimes, the oil from asphalt cause the tiles to become discolored

Handling asbestos tiles

If your asbestos tiles are intact, there is not much to worry about. They can easily be covered with carpets, vinyl, or concrete. Pouring a layer of concrete or coating with a layer of rubber are highly effective ways of sealing the asbestos in.

However, if they are cracked, call an asbestos removal service immediately. Be sure not to disturb the tiles. Asbestos dust can easily travel through air and be inhaled by people.

Even if they aren’t cracked, it is best to get rid of them because they could always pose a serious health risk at some point of time later on.

Removing asbestos tiles

Asbestos tiles must be placed in special bags for containing asbestos and completely sealed.

When removing tiles, be sure to:

  1. Keep the area sealed by closing all doors, windows, air vents so that the asbestos dust remains contained.
  2. Wear protective breathing equipment designed to keep people safe from toxic substances. Also, wear protective clothing like goggles, gloves, boots and appropriate clothing.
  3. Wet the floor so that the asbestos particles do not become airborne
  4. Use a floor scraper to gently pry the tiles from the ground beneath
  5. Carefully place the tiles in the special bag

Thoroughly clean the floor after removing all the tiles.


Doing the tile removal yourself carries the risk of accidentally exposing yourself to asbestos dust. A slight bit of carelessness during the process can be harmful for you.

It is a great idea to hire a professional asbestos removal service to get rid of your asbestos tiles. They will be able to do it in a safe and efficient manner with minimum risk of asbestos exposure.

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