Asbestos Inspection

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What Happens During an Asbestos Inspection?

You might be buying a new home or thinking about renovating an existing one, but before you proceed any further with your plans, there is one thing that you need to ascertain:

The property does not contain any asbestos material

For, a renovation or a remodeling project would surely expose the space to asbestos fibers; while, buying a property having asbestos materials mean, that you are investing in a future that is not safe for you or your loved ones.

Step forward – the asbestos surveyor, who will be conducting a professional asbestos inspection of the property in subject. For many homeowners, asbestos inspection is a first-time experience, leaving them with many questions about how the whole inspection process goes about.

“What can I expect during an asbestos inspection?”

The homeowners are found asking. This post looks to facilitate the queries of such homeowners about the process in general.

The Initial Visit

An asbestos inspection process usually comprises of multiple visits. During the initial visit, the inspector will walk through the property and look to establish the areas where asbestos is likely to be found. The surveyor will also interview the property owner, in order to inquire from the owner himself, the places that can be potentially contaminated with asbestos fibers. The surveyor will make notes, create sketches of the building plan that highlights the areas of potential contamination and may also take pictures.

The Follow-Up Visit

After the initial visit, the surveyor will then follow it up with another visit – this time closely inspecting all the places that were marked as potentially contaminated during the initial visit. The surveyor will collect samples of the materials and send it for testing to determine asbestos type and condition. The results take few days before they are generated in the form of a report. The surveyor studies the report and based on the findings and the surveys conducted earlier, a plan is created accordingly.

The plan states the measures to control the exposure, while a removal strategy is being devised and executed, followed by the implementation of the removal strategy itself.

This whole process will be overseen by the firm that is providing the asbestos inspection services, provided that removal services also form the part of its portfolio. If not, the plan would be then communicated with dedicated asbestos removal companies that executes it towards completion.

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