Asbestos Removal

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FAQs About the Asbestos Removal Process

These days, we are all well aware of the danger asbestos exposure can pose, and understand the importance of consulting licensed asbestos removal companies to get it professionally removed.

However, for some—if not most of us—the asbestos removal process could be a first-time experience. We may have certain questions or even reservations about the process in general.

This blog post is a humble effort from the team of ACI-TECH Inc. to address such questions and ease off any reservations one may have about the asbestos removal process.

If you feel your query has not been answered in the provided list of FAQs, you can contact us for further advice.

Question #1: I have asbestos in my home; shall I get it removed immediately?

This is the most common question that customers tend to ask. The answer to this question, depends on the state of asbestos containing material found in one’s home.

Asbestos containing material can exist in two states: non-friable or friable.

The non-friable state is where asbestos fibers are tightly bound in a matrix. These types of materials carry a relatively low possibility of generating airborne fibers. Hence, even though the address needs to be prompt, the removal job does not necessarily have to be executed immediately.

The friable state, on the other hand, contains asbestos fibers that are loose and not bound together. A friable asbestos containing material needs to be removed immediately, but only by a professional, to prevent the fibers from spreading into uncontaminated spaces.

Question #2: I have recently bought a newly built home. Do I still need to contact a specialist?

The use of asbestos in most of construction materials was prohibited decades ago. However, not all asbestos containing products were banned. Some examples include, cement corrugated sheets, vinyl floor tiles, cement shingles, cement flat sheet etc.

Therefore, if your newly built home contains any of these materials, you still need to contact a specialist company for asbestos inspection and removal job.

Question #3: I have a reservation – What if, during the asbestos removal process, the uncontaminated living space of my home gets affected by asbestos airborne particles?

This is not possible. The professionals are fully trained and equipped with the knowledge to ensure that the contaminated site is completely sealed, while the asbestos piles are constantly kept wet to make sure that they do not release airborne fibers.

Question #4: Why do some asbestos removal companies bury the contaminated material deep within the ground, and cap it off with a thick layer of soil stratum?

This is because, sometimes it is not safe to haul the contaminated materials away from the site, while the process of controlled incineration could be too costly for a customer. In such cases, capping is the best option.

Question #5: How much does it cost to get asbestos removed from a site?

There is no fixed cost. It all depends on the exposed risk level, the scope of work that is to be executed, resources required to complete the job and of course, the time required for the process to be executed and completed.

At ACI-TECH Inc., we offer free estimates to our clients to help them get a close-to-accurate idea of the cost of the removal process.

This brings us to the end of our list of compiled FAQs. We hope that the knowledge provided herein, served you well in your understanding about the asbestos removal process.

Be safe!