DIY Asbestos Removal

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DIY Asbestos Removal—Myths and Realities

Before its ban, asbestos was extensively used for insulation for pipes, floor tiles, building materials and cement mixtures, as it is resistant to heat and corrosion. However, it was banned in the 1950s, when it was found to be the cause of mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.

It is still found in old houses and claims up to 15,000 deaths every year. Homeowners generally think that they can remove asbestos from their house on their own. However, it is extremely difficult to detect asbestos with the naked eye, let alone remove it.

Here are some of the myths that homeowners believe about DIY asbestos removal:

Myth # 1Homeowners can remove asbestos wearing protective gear

While it is true that wearing protective gear will prevent the homeowner from inhaling any asbestos during removal, it also means putting a lot of people in danger, including the neighbors.

Asbestos removal is something that requires training and a certificate before actually getting down to its removal. Before engaging in any removal, a proper risk assessment is also necessary to know the type and condition of the asbestos.

Certain types of asbestos may also be illegal for the homeowners to remove on their own.

Myth # 2—Low Exposure to Asbestos is safe

Some homeowners think that low level of asbestos exposure is safe, and they can get away if only a small amount of asbestos is exposed to the family members during the removal process.

EPA and OSHA state that there is no safe level of exposure to asbestos. Friable asbestos can crumble in the hand during removal and let microscopic fibers into the air. If inhaled, they can cause lung cancer many years later.

Myth # 3—Asbestos should be removed immediately

Asbestos removal is something that isn’t always necessary, unlike what some homeowners believe. Asbestos material that is in good condition should be left alone, without disturbing it.

Some asbestos like under the floor tiles or cement slabs, does not always require removal. They do, however, require regular repair and maintenance. If the floor gets chipped or cracked, then it will cause threat of asbestos exposure, so an asbestos removal company should be called regularly for an inspection and proper containment.

Myth # 4Asbestos can be disposed anywhere

Homeowners generally think that once they remove the asbestos from their house, they can just dump it in the garbage or anywhere else.

For proper disposal of asbestos, a protective sheet must be arranged and the asbestos should be sealed in it for transportation. There are also certain legal requirements for transporting asbestos to the designated disposal sites.  Improper handling of asbestos can result in penalties of $2,000 to $10,000.

DIY asbestos removal is something that you should never consider for your own and your family’s safety. Always call a professional asbestos removal service Pennsylvania like us to take care of any asbestos in the house. Call us now on (610) 497-7162 or email help@achi-tech.net to get in touch.