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Asbestos in Your House – Where to Look For?

If you think asbestos exposure is a thing of the past, well, what you’re going to read next is sure to force you to rethink…

This implies, one in every fifth home in your residential block potentially has an asbestos containing material installed ‘somewhere’ inside it.

And that’s not all.

If a large portion of homes in your neighborhood have been built before the 1980’s (in Pennsylvania, so is the dominant distribution pattern among residential units), the probability of finding asbestos in your home increases significantly.

Asbestos was an extensively used construction material in the 1960’s and 70’s

This begs the question:

If someone wants to inspect their home for potential presence of asbestos, in which places should they look for?

Asbestos in Your Home – Where is ‘Somewhere’?



From attic to basement, to even inside your garden – asbestos can be anywhere and everywhere. Here are a few places to search for in particular:

Starting from the exterior


You may find asbestos on your roof. Before asbestos was regulated, it was common to produce roofing tiles and shingles made from asbestos.

While you’re at the rooftop, look down – in your soil garden




The vermiculite we use for our potted plants, it may contain asbestos. The mineral can also be buried beneath the soil stratum, finding its way as the leftover debris of a past remodeling or demolition project.

Step inside and head for the basement


Pipe and ventilation insulations, furnaces and of course the structural cement itself – they can all potentially contain asbestos.

Your living room – asbestos can even be in your living room!


Surprised? The paint on the walls of your living room may contain asbestos. And so may the lighting fixtures, tiles and window glazes.

Don’t forget to check the attic



Last but not any least likely, you may also find asbestos in your attic. The siding, the fiberboard and the insulation, if they were installed prior to the 1980’s – there’s a high chance they may contain asbestos.

A Suspected Presence?

Well if you suspect that asbestos may well indeed be present inside your home, our advice would be not to touch it. You can end up disturbing the fibers and increase the risk of asbestos exposure.  Call a licensed asbestos removal and inspection service in Pennsylvania and let them perform the testing.

Looking for an asbestos removal company in Pennsylvania?

We can help. Feel free to reach out at any time, at any day of the week and our experts would be happy to serve you. We offer complete range of asbestos services including testing, encapsulation and abatement.