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(Alarm!) Asbestos in Home – Now What to Do?!

Handling the material can set asbestos fibers free and inhaling these fibers can pose all types of health risks infamously associated with asbestos exposure.

Firstly, don’t panic.

If you have found asbestos in your home, it doesn’t automatically equate to a dangerous situation. Simply living in a home where asbestos may be present is not dangerous.

It’s when an asbestos containing material is disturbed that the real concern kicks in.

So by panicking yourself, you’re only increasing the likelihood of rushing onto a decision that may force things to take turn for the worse.

For example, some homeowners may decide to tear off or relocate the material themselves in order to control the exposure. Although your intention is noble, you mustn’t do any such thing.

Vacate the space

Vacate the area where the asbestos material has been found.

If it’s a closed space, shut the windows and close the door. If it’s an open space, try to seal it with plastic sheets (make sure the activity doesn’t disturb the material). If there’s even a little chance that you may end up doing so, just leave it as it is.

Strictly instruct your family not to enter the area.

Call an asbestos inspection professional



Next, call a professional service that has experience of handling asbestos inspection and abatement projects. While you’re on the call, ask them specifically for any instructions that they may want you to follow, so that you don’t end up doing something that is not needed or required.

Arrange for an appointment with a doctor

While you wait for the asbestos inspection professionals to arrive, schedule a convenient appointment with a doctor for a medical checkup. You can do that later as well, but why put something to delay – it may slip your mind.


***Sometimes, post inspection, you may get told by the visiting inspector that there hasn’t been any exposure of asbestos, as the material was non-friable. Still, see a doctor. Don’t leave anything to chance.


Following the inspection process, you’ll be guided through the appropriate action plan. Listen to your asbestos abatement contractor and act accordingly. If you have any questions, inquire in detail till you’re satisfied with everything.

Don’t really know about any licensed asbestos removal and inspection firm in your area?

If you’re located in Pennsylvania, we can help you. Feel free to reach out at any time, at any day of the week.