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How to find a reliable Asbestos Removal Service?

Asbestos removal is a serious business. It should only be undertaken by a trained professional who knows the proper protocols for handling asbestos. There are certain safety measures that need to be taken when asbestos removal is being done indoors, while certain parameters need to set when it is being done outdoors.

Failure to do this means risking the safety of your family, and also being liable to the law. This is why you must only hire professionals who know what they are doing.

Here are certain things that you must look for in an asbestos removal service:


The license is the first thing you must consider when hiring a service. A state license is a proof that the service has the capabilities of providing a service, and there will be no legal complications if things go wrong.


Certification is another proof of competency for the service. Certified asbestos abatement contractors prove that their workforce has undergone training and has a certain amount of credit hours to their name.

Look for an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification, as asbestos removal is an environmental remediation service, and EPA is the relevant authority to give out certifications.


Online reviews are another way to find out how reliable a service is. Websites such as BBB (Better Business Bureau) are a great source for getting reliable and honest customer reviews.

BBB is a third party site, which is not affiliated with any service; therefore all reviews found on that site can be relied upon. An accreditation by BBB is another plus point, which means that the service fulfills the standards set by the bureau, and the bureau endorses the competencies of the service.


If the tiles or your roofing shingles contain asbestos, then asbestos removal will mean that your house will need a significant renovation. This is why you must hire an asbestos removal service which is fully insured.

In case your house sustains any damage during removal, your home insurance won’t cover it, and you will need the insurance of your contractor to pay for the damages.

Disposal Service

Ensure that the asbestos removal service you are hiring also provides disposal service. This is because asbestos cannot be dumped anywhere. It must be transported with a proper protocol and should be disposed off in specific landfill sites only.

If you hire an asbestos removal service that doesn’t offer disposal, then you will have to hire another service to take care of the debris.

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