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Methods Used For Removing Lead Paints In Homes

Lead paints were commonly used in homes until the 1970s when they were banned. Therefore, there is a possibility that you might be under the threat of lead poisoning if you live in an old house.

Lead poisoning can be quite dangerous. It can lead to several health problems. In some cases, it can even lead to death. Some of the problems you might suffer due to exposure to low level of lead include:

  • Slow brain function
  • Kidney failure
  • Unhealthy blood cells

Usually, women and children are more susceptible to lead poisoning. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to contact professionals who can conduct an inspection of your home.

In case, these people discover the presence of lead paint in your home, they will remove it using one of the following methods:


This is perhaps one of the most efficient methods that professionals use to remove lead paint from your home.

Usually flexible vinyl claddings, aluminum covering or gypsum board are used for covering the surface which is painted using lead paint. This method is preferable if you have a large flat surface since an enclosure can easily be installed without creating a mess.

Paint Removal


This process involves scraping the paint away from the walls using wire brushes or wet sand. However, the process is quite time-consuming.

There are some people who use a HEPA filter vacuum to remove the paint and make sure that dirt and debris do not flow in the air. Hand scraping and electric guns are also an option for removing the paint completely off.

Keep in mind that there are certain paint removal techniques that are banned. These include:

  • Torching
  • Uncontained power washing
  • Flaming


A relatively straightforward method, replacement involves stripping off every area of the house which has been painted using lead paints. This also includes doors, windows and all other wooden items that might be present in your home.

Although this method is fairly expensive, it is effective in solving the problem completely. You will never have to worry about lead poisoning and other problems once opt for this method.


This is one of the most affordable methods that you can opt for. A single gallon of encapsulation paint costs around $50. You can get remove the paint from your entire house for just $1500.

Encapsulation creates a strong point and creates a tight seal which helps prevent exposure to lead paint. A problem with this method is that it does not stick to all kinds of surfaces and it wears off after some time.

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