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Why DIY Asbestos Removal Is a Big Fat NO!
If you are planning a DIY asbestos removal, then you must already be aware of dangers that asbestos poses.
The Most Common and Uncommon Places You’ll Find Asbestos
The risks associated with asbestos exposure may be higher than you think.
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What To Expect During an Asbestos Survey?
The asbestos survey, or testing, is essential if you suspect asbestos presence somewhere in your home.
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How to Find a Dependable Asbestos Removal Contractor?
Asbestos is a natural fiber that was extensively used in construction materials due to its high strength and fire-resistant qualities. However, it is also been linked to various deadly diseases, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and laryngeal cancer. It claims more than 12,000 lives annually in US alone.
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In What Ways Asbestos Enters The Body
It is really difficult to know whether someone has been exposed to asbestos because asbestos has an incredibly long latency period.
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Why Asbestos is still found in Homes?
Asbestos is a natural fiber that has been used by humans throughout history. Its traces can be found in the Stone Age, around 750,000 years ago.
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Why You Need an Asbestos Contractor before You Carry Out Home Renovations
Knowing where asbestos is present in your home is always a good idea when planning any sort of renovation activity.
How to find a reliable Asbestos Removal Service?
Asbestos removal is a serious business. It should only be undertaken by a trained professional who knows the proper protocols for handling asbestos. There are certain safety measures that need to be taken when asbestos removal is being done indoors, while certain parameters need to set when it is being done outdoors. Failure to do […]
The History of Fibers Known As Asbestos
The material known as Asbestos has been around since the Stone Age. The word Asbestos comes from a Greek word ‘sasbestos’, which means ‘indestructible’.