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Find an Asbestos Removal Company
How to Find an Asbestos Removal Company?
Asbestos testing and removal should only be handled by professionals, who have the necessary knowledge and equipment to deal with the issue.
Testing Your Home For Asbestos
Testing Your Home For Asbestos? Here’s Where To Look….
Asbestos is commonly found in homes that were built before 1989 as asbestos was not regulated until then.
DIY Asbestos Removal
Don’t even think DIY Asbestos Removal!
Asbestos is a deadly material commonly used in construction materials before 1989. Asbestos, when it’s worn out, its fibers start flaking away.
Lead Remediation Cost
Lead Remediation— How Much Does It Cost?
If you live in a pre-1978 home, then you are living under a constant threat of lead poisoning. Lead is a toxic metal that was used extensively in many things, including paints, until the government took drastic measures to control lead-levels in the environment.
A Guide To Dealing With Lead Based Paint - Thumbnail
A Guide To Dealing With Lead Based Paint
Here is a quick guide to dealing with the lead-based paints:
Asbestos Removal
FAQs About the Asbestos Removal Process
These days, we are all well aware of the danger asbestos exposure can pose, and understand the importance of consulting licensed asbestos removal companies to get it professionally removed.
Asbestos in Soil
Digging Deep – Asbestos in Soil
Do You Know The soil in our garden areas could potentially be contaminated with asbestos.
DIY Asbestos Removal
DIY Asbestos Removal – Risks It Carries
We understand your concern about the presence of asbestos fibers in your home, and the accompanying sense of urgency to address the issue promptly.
Asbestos Inspection
What Happens During an Asbestos Inspection?
You might be buying a new home or thinking about renovating an existing one, but before you proceed any further with your plans, there is one thing that you need to ascertain:
Risk of Asbestosis
Are You at Risk of Asbestosis?
Asbestos is made up tiny fibers that are extremely light and can easily travel through air. The material was used in construction materials prior to the mid-1980s until they were banned by the government.