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Asbestos Tiles—Is It A Good Idea To Have Them Removed?
Majority of the older homes that were built before 1980s have asbestos tile flooring. Other than its heat resistant property, asbestos was used to make tiles more durable. Asbestos tiles aren’t a danger in themselves and you shouldn’t worry if you have asbestos tiles in your home. The only condition where your family faces a […]
What is Asbestos—Uses, Types & Risks
Asbestos is a natural mineral and its particles are microscopic in nature. It is extremely durable and can withstand fire, water, electricity and chemical reactions. These properties made asbestos very popular in the past, especially in the Industrial Age. It was also extensively use in construction materials prior to 1980. Uses Asbestos was once known […]
Asbestos Exposure in Public and Commercial Buildings
When the World Trade Center towers went down, around 2,000 tons of asbestos materials was released into the air. 70% of the firefighters and debris removal workers, who worked on the site for weeks, suffered respiratory problems later. Occupational exposure to asbestos is the most common cause of respiratory problems and diseases. Workers who are most […]
Asbestos Removal And Safe Handling
Safe Work Practices—Asbestos Removal And Safe Handling
Removal of asbestos requires a proper safety protocol, without which there is a danger of asbestos spreading everywhere.
Managing The Risk Of Asbestos In The Workplace - Thumbnail
Managing The Risk Of Asbestos In The Workplace
Despite being banned from use for many years, workers today are still at risk for exposure in many occupations and settings. Here are some tips to manage the risk of asbestos in the workplace:
5 Tips To Children’s Exposure To Lead
Lead can be detrimental to your child’s health! Worried about your child getting exposed? Here are the five tips every parent needs to follow:
5 Basic Steps For Mold Remediation - Thumbnail
5 Basic Steps For Mold Remediation
Here are 5 basic steps for mold remediation:
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ACI-TECH Asbestos Removal Services—How To Get Rid Of Asbestos In A House
ACI-TECH was formed more than 20 years ago, with the mission to keep residents of Pennsylvania safe from asbestos.  Over the years, we have garnered the trust of thousands of homeowners with our professional asbestos removal practices.
DIY Asbestos Removal
DIY Asbestos Removal—Myths and Realities
Before its ban, asbestos was extensively used for insulation for pipes, floor tiles, building materials and cement mixtures, as it is resistant to heat and corrosion. However, it was banned in the 1950s, when it was found to be the cause of mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis.