Asbestos Testing Services

Do you suspect asbestos in your home? Don’t panic. Contact the asbestos professionals at ACI-TECH.

We provide comprehensive, accurate asbestos testing services in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Bucks County and State of Delaware.

With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on our quick asbestos testing service.

Our certified, insured and licensed team works according to your schedule to identify any asbestos materials in your environment. Asbestos can be anywhere—pipe insulation, floor tiles, attic insulation, roofing shingles. That’s why it’s critical to get proper testing conducted.

We adhere to strict environmental and safety standards. Collected samples of suspected asbestos materials are sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The survey report contains detailed information on the presence of asbestos in your home. It also indicates the type of asbestos identified.

We also suggest a customized action plan to eliminate asbestos from your property.

Don’t attempt asbestos inspection yourself. We strongly discourage you from doing so. Don’t put your health and safety at risk. Call now for immediate testing.